Monday, February 22, 2016

Home DIY - Black Gallery Dining Room Wall - Part 1

We are very slowly but efficiently remodeling our new house. I have found the best way to do this is one room at a time, or I tend to get a little overwhelmed. We recently have taken the project of finishing up the dining room.
When we moved in a year ago this room was carpeted, with a small brass contractor grade chandelier.  We also only owned a small round white table from pottery barn. It was a beautiful table but much too small for the space, and as a family, we were quickly growing out of it.

Over the past few months we laid a new dark hardwood floor and replaced the chandelier with something a little more modern, thanks to an awesome half off Home Depot lighting sale. My husband finally buckled down to fulfill his lifelong dream of building furniture and built our dining room table. It turned out absolutely gorgeous and fits 12 people easily. I will make another post soon specific to the table, so check back often!

The only thing our large dining room was missing was a beautiful accent wall. As a photographer, I wanted a place to showcase my favorite family photos and this inset wall, which shows as soon as you walk in the front door, was the perfect wall to do it. I wanted something dramatic so we made a big risk and went with black! Behr's cracked pepper to be exact. I loved the way it turned out! Stay tuned for Part 2 to see the finished gallery wall. Here is the before:


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