Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bootaybag - March 2016 Review

Move over Victoria's Secret! There is a new underwear company in town!

I am very picky when it comes to the quality of my underwear. Honestly, panty shopping causes me stress & I like to avoid stress. Underwear in stores is either bad quality or too expensive to spend on something thats going to be hiding under my jeans all day. The only underwear company I bought from more than once is Victoria's Secret. I think they are excellent quality and usually run 5 for $25 deals. 

My only issue is the closest VS is an hour away. "Let me just load up my two toddlers for an hour car ride so I can go lingerie shopping" said no mom ever. Realistically, we would never make into the store. Somewhere between chick-fil-a, the dirty diaper changing station, and the quarter ride machines I'd find myself heading back to the car. So when I heard of BootayBag I was very excited! New underwear delivered to my house monthly! I can easily toss out those tattered embarrassing ones with the elastic starting to stick out (we all have a few) without planning a day trip to the mall.

If you've never heard of BootayBag, it is a monthly subscription box that sends you two pairs of designer undies each month for only $12. Now, I am not the type to post photos of my panties on the internet but I just love this company and had to share it with you guys! They let you choose between having all thongs, no thongs, or to 'mix it up' which means they will surprise you with the style each month. I'm insanely impressed with the quality and the materials in these panties and their sizing is very true to size! 

Another thing I love about this company is that if you post a selfie to instagram with the adorable bag the panties come in (pictured above) and tag #undermatters they will donate to the Melanoma Foundation. I'm a fair skinned girl that has to go to the dermatologist every six months and endure biopsies because of my family history of Melanoma. So I think its awesome they are bringing awareness and research to this horrible sometimes 'silent' cancer. 

What is your favorite underwear company?

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  1. I'm a 5 for 25 girl myself, and Aerie always has a similar deal going too. But, I love this idea!! They make is so easy these days.