Saturday, March 26, 2016

DIY Weathered Oak Farmhouse Table

When I first got married seven years ago my father bought me a beautiful round Pottery Barn dinette set. It sat four people and fit perfectly in my small apartment. Fast forward a few years and we are in our starter home with a small dining room. With one small baby that sat in the high chair, we still had room to have another couple over for dinner. Well, fast forward a few more years, we are now in a much larger home with two dining areas and two children. The table barely took up half the dining room and there was no room to have others over. It was time the small round white table moved onto another family.

So, the only dilemma we faced now was trying to find a new dining room table and chairs for the $200 we received selling our last table. Pretty close to impossible finding that new and it being big enough to take up our large dining room. I was swooning over these tables from Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn

The only problem is these tables cost thousands of dollars that we don't have. So, we decided to venture into the land of unknown to build our own furniture and I'm so glad we did! We followed the plans to Ana White's Farmhouse Table.  We did add an extra 2x8 to make our table wider and cut the boards so the total table width was 8ft. We really wanted a table large enough to seat 12 people comfortably and we did it!

We decided to make two bench seats instead of going out and buying chairs. The plans for the benches can be found here.

To get the weathered oak (driftwood) finish:

First, we sanded the entire table and benches down and beat up the table a little bit with a few different hammers and a hand plane. We also used a curved knife and shaved the edges down to give it more of a rustic look. 

Then we used wood conditioner and minimax stain in weathered oak. We only had to do one coat of each to get the desired look we wanted.

After the stain dried, we used a spray polymer furniture finish and hand buffed the whole thing down with steel wool. We loved our results! 

After everything was finished our total cost was about $180!


  1. Such a gorgeous table! Bench seats are the best. I think that the pride you feel when you diy something is so much more satisfying than just the redecorating itself.

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  3. This is beautiful! I'm going to have a go at making my own this weekend..
    Just to check, which wood did you use? Pine?

    PS sorry for the deleted comment above, wanted to turn on notifications..

  4. Table looks beautiful! Was there any issues using pine? I have read that it is to soft, will warp, gap, etc and that simply writing on a piece of paper could transfer on to the table. Did you get specially dried pine or use any type of special poly to harden the top?

  5. What changes did you have to make to the supplies and/or directions to make the table wider?