Friday, March 18, 2016


Spring cleaning season has finally begun! I have a slight obsession with cleaning products, they make me feel like a chemist. I spend a lot of my time researching the way certain chemicals react with dirt, viruses, bacteria (you know all that yucky stuff we are always trying to get out of our house). If you are interested in the science behind cleaning I recommend The Friendly Biologist and StopTheStomachFlu

I thought I would start a cleaning series and share with you my top 5 cleaning products that I use at my house! These far out-clean the products I grew up using (sorry mom), and I do still use other cleaners these are just the ones I always keep in stock. On to the list!

ONE // Sprayway - World's Best Glass Cleaner. Seriously the name does not lie! This stuff is far superior to Windex. Don't get me wrong, Windex does have a place in my home now as a fabric spot cleaner. But my windows, mirrors, appliances, and really anything I want to have a streak free shine wears this cleaner.

TWO // Lysol - Power & Free with Hydrogen Peroxide. This is my go-to Disinfectant. It kills everything the other Lysol's do (99.9% of germs)  , but it is a natural cleaner! You don't have to ventilate or use gloves when using this product. It doesn't leave any heavy fumes and it smells amazing. They have it in wipes, all purpose, bathroom cleaner, etc. just buy them all.

THREE // OdoBan. I'm not a huge fan of the eucalyptus scent, just because we used it when I worked in the hospital and makes me think of hospitals. But the other scents are great. This product does not mask odors, it works as a disinfectant and gets rid of them forever! Spray it as an air freshener, on your couch, mattress, dog bed, etc. and it will never smell again, its amazing. Also, it contains enzymes that remove urine. So if you use cloth diapers or have a bedwetter it is a must for laundry.

FOUR // Method - All Purpose Cleaner. I use this for everything. Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Furniture. If you haven't tried method brand cleaners you should. They are also all natural, so good for cleaning everyday without exposing your family to harsh chemicals. Also, smells amazing.

FIVE // Method - Squirt & Mop. If you have hardwood floors, you need this. It works great on my solid hardwood floors!

Hope this helps you when you find yourself in the daunting cleaning aisle! Have you used any of these products? What are your favorite cleaning products?


  1. Pledge multi surface is my go-to, but I love all the method cleaners too! Right now I'm looking for something to bring to my gym for yoga mats. After class we spray them with old fashioned lysol and I get so sick with all those fumes in the air.

  2. Definitely try the Lysol power & free no fumes at all and it smells great! Or you could try Clorox wipes that way there isn't so much getting up into the air.