Sunday, April 24, 2016

Birth Photography

I am so thankful that we got to add a new member to our family a few days ago. My sister had her fourth baby and wanted me to be her birth photographer. Now, I am not a photographer. I took a few semesters of black and white film photography when I was in high school. So, other than taking way too many pictures of my kids that is the extent of my photography experience.

I am no stranger to labor & delivery. My degree in OB/GYN sonography and work experience in the hospital, compiled with the fact I've had two labors and births myself and had the privilege of helping through her other labors, I would say I am a pro at what to expect when someone has a baby. It helped that it was my sister as well so I didn't have any fear of when to take a photo and what to take a photo of.

My biggest fear going into this as a photographer was lighting. Hospitals have terrible lighting and the flash just ruins photos in my opinion. Had I done this professionally, I would have brought my own spotlights and with the mothers permission set them up. Even then that would be difficult because you have a woman who is in very serious pain trying to relax and thats hard to do in bright light. I almost wish I had brought my film camera because I do better in lighting with a manual camera. I still don't know how to work my digital slr.

I was fortunate she went into labor during the day so I was able to use the lighting from the window in the hospital room. Even then, a lot of my photos came out blurrier than I would like. She loved them though and thats all that matters. She wants me to become a birth photographer which if I could learn my camera a little better wouldn't be a terrible idea. It would just be hard not to jump in with my medical opinion about things. I love my career and I love to educate lol.

I'm so happy my sister had me involved in her miraculous life changing event. No matter how many babies you've seen born its still the most indescribable raw emotional experience. I cried with her, when she hit transition and when we saw that sweet little boy for the first time. I am going to share a few of my favorite shots from her birth (don't worry I have her permission).

I took a million more photos but these were the ones that stood out to me the most & I'm happy I saved her hundreds of dollars. What do you think? If I got the lighting down better, do you think I'd have a side career as a birth photographer?

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  1. What pretty pictures! I had a hard time taking pictures of my niece when she was born. It was at night, which made it so hard. I got a lot of good ones when she was under her warming light, and thankfully that's where they did the footprinting and all the stuff you want photos of.
    I wish I was comfortable messing with my camera settings too! I get the general idea, but I'm so scared I'll miss the action trying to get the right settings.
    You did a great job, and I know she will love having that special day documented!