Sunday, April 17, 2016

The W&P Mint Julep - A Cookbook Review: Shake

We recently received this cookbook as a very cool anniversary gift. "Shake A New Perspective On Cocktails" was written by the guys that made The Mason Shaker, which is a drink shaker that looks like a mason jar. It is a recipe book for good cocktails that you aren't going to find at your average bar, and has a few non-alcoholic drink recipes as well. They believe that cocktails should be fun, simple, and social.

We have a restaurant local to us called "The Ice Plant". This place is amazing. They brew their own liquor and their restaurant is founded in an old ice factory building. They make the most amazing and original drinks. We love going there but its a little pricey and hard to get reservations for. This book reminds me of the restaurant. They have the same style and unique vintage recipes. So, I was very excited to receive this gift and try some of these drinks at home.

The first recipe we tried was The W&P Mint Julep. It quickly became my favorite cocktail. It is a mint bourbon drink with a twist. Sipping it reminds me of a southern afternoon on a porch swing. I could definitely see a bar like the ice plant serving this drink.

So, I highly recommend this cookbook and the drink. I cannot wait to try a few more recipes from it.

Have you tried any of the recipes from this book? If so, what is your favorite?

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