Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cheap and Easy Pinterest-Worthy Kids Party

My almost four year old has been begging me to throw him a party for awhile now. He loves having his friends over to play and has been to quite a few amazing themed toddler parties. So he had pretty high expectations for a preschooler. My only reluctancy has been time. There has been a lot going on for me. I've volunteered to help throw a few parties for friends, my sister was closely expecting her baby, my sister-in-law is getting married in a few weeks (both my boys are in it and I'm doing the videography), and to top it all off my husband is giving his first public talk next week and starting a new business. Did I leave anything out?

Unfortunately, I couldn't give him the animal costume party of his dreams this month. But I could throw something together that was a quick, easy, cheap and fun way for him to relax and enjoy his friends. So, I came up with a party theme that had the ease of a sleepover party without the sleepover!

I sent out evites to about ten of his friends that said to come in their pajamas and to bring a sleeping bag or blanket to cozy up in and watch the movie. I let all the parents know we were watching Finding Nemo ahead of time and to feed their kids dinner as we were only going to be having dessert. Then I went to the dollar store. In total this party cost me $30.

I used the popcorn bags as goodie bags and filled them with a whistle, glow sticks, and a candy bracelet. Then I set up an ice cream sundae bar on my kitchen table. We scooped the ice cream for the kids into popcorn containers and they had free range on whatever toppings they wanted. I had different types of candy, cookies, fruit, and even popcorn to top their ice cream with. We also had juice boxes and water bottles for the kids to drink.

Then we headed to the living room where we had pushed the furniture out of the way and layed down blankets and pillows all over the floor. I strung lights and star balloons around the room for the movie theatre feel. The kids had a blast although there wasn't much movie watching to be had.

What are your favorite party themes for the preschool age crowd?

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