Monday, May 16, 2016

Get The Look - Our finished living room

We have finally finished our living room! I wish I had a before picture, this room was originally filled with stained beige carpet and popcorn ceilings when we bought it. This was the first room in the house we finished because its the one you see from the front door and all it needed was some solid wood floors and a good popcorn scraping.

We primarily use this room to play music or sip wine in a quiet room while the kids watch movies. The coffee table lifts up, so it is perfect for having other adults over to play some card games. This room is complete with a record player, piano, two acoustic drums, and a trumpet.

The other decorative accents we either found or were gifted from various places. The wooden lobster, we snagged the last time we were in the bahamas. What do you think of our eclectic coastal style?

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  1. Your throw pillows are my favorite part!