Thursday, May 19, 2016

Stitch Fix - An Honest Review

I recently ordered my first Stitch Fix box! Stitch Fix costs $20 and you fill out a quiz so your personal stylist can get to know you and your wardrobe style a little better. Then, your stylist picks out five items of clothing, shoes, or accessories that they think you will love and sends it to you. You have three days after receiving your shipment to make a decision on which of the five items you would like to buy or send back. The $20 you initially spent can go towards your purchase as a credit. However, If you don't like what you were sent and choose not to buy anything, you don't get that $20 back.

I was extremely hesitant to try out Stitch Fix. I'm frugal, and the thought of possibly hating everything I was sent and loosing my twenty dollars was very daunting to me. I have an outlet mall up the street from my house so twenty dollars could go a long way there. I just don't have the time to shop and I truly hate shopping for myself. I easily get overwhelmed in stores and I hate spending money. So because of that, and good reviews from family members, I decided I would give it a try.

After trying it, I probably will not order another stitch fix box. If I'm feeling the need to have some new clothes or want to treat myself I might, but I probably won't. I don't think my stylist understood my style even though I was extremely specific in my notes and I feel their clothes are overpriced. I do extremely recommend trying it at least one time though.

I found that just taking their style quiz and making a pinterest board of my style has really helped me narrow down what I like, what fits well on me, and what I want and need in my closet. 

So, this is what I found when I opened my Stitch Fix box.
I love the way it was presented, I was very excited to open it! It comes complete with a note from your stylist, suggestions on how to wear the items you are sent, a pre-paid envelope to send the clothes back in, and a breakdown of what everything costs.

This is my style card of suggestions on how to wear the items I was sent.
Really, all of it just wasn't my style. I was disappointed when I initially opened my box.

First, I received a Char Geo Print Maxi Skirt - I don't remember the price but It was pretty reasonable around $50.
The skirt was a thick t-shirt material and it fit well. I also really loved the ikat print on it. It was the color I just hated. I specifically asked for nothing purple because of my skin tone and this skirt was an overwhelming amount of Barney purple. Also, My husband really hates maxi skirts and dresses, he thinks they look terrible and frumpy on everyone. So, I sent it back.

Next, I received a Tawnya Jersey Faux Wrap Dress - I also don't remember the exact price of this, around $60.
My stylist picked this out for me specifically for 'church'. We go to our meetings twice a week and spend a few mornings a week volunteering to teach people about the bible. So, I asked for more modest dresses and skirts. I hated this. I didn't even want to try it on. The fabric was thin and the pattern was not something I liked. Also, this made my hips look massive. I don't mind spending a little extra for a nice dress but this wasn't worth the money. I sent it back. 

Iris Scallop Trim Shell Blouse and Cindie Linen Printed Short - blouse $54 and shorts $78.

I love this top. When I first saw it, I loved the scallop detail but was disappointed in the looser fit of it. I have wide hips and a larger bust with a smaller waist so I like more 'fitted' around the waist clothes. I probably could have gotten away in a size small in this shirt but the medium still fit so I decided to keep it.

The pattern on the shorts weren't something I would reach for in a store. They weren't terrible, just not something that stood out to me. After trying them on I loved them. The fit and the quality was amazing. If they were a neutral color and something I could wear with any top I would have considered spending that amount of money on them, just because of the fit. But, because I don't have a lot of tops to go with them and at that price point they would have to be perfect, I sent it back.

Last, I got this bracelet - (please excuse the blurry photograph I took these quickly with my phone as I was rushing out the door) $28
I like that they sent something cheap enough to keep if I didn't like the other items. The quality was not very good and it was way too big for my wrist. I sent it back. 

So, I recommend trying it if you need to get to know your personal style better. But, be extremely specific in what you want. My mom got a box after I got this one that was amazing. So I think it also depends on your stylist as well.

Have you tried stitch fix? What did you think of it? 

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