Friday, June 24, 2016

Farm to Table in North Florida - How I Meal Plan

I have recently been ordering my groceries from Local Fare. It is a local seed to table company located in Jacksonville, FL. They deliver fresh organic fruits and vegetables grown here in FL to your house if you are anywhere coastal from Jacksonville to Port Orange, FL. They also deliver grass fed, free range, no hormones or steroid added meats.

I am in love. If you have been reading my blog you know of my hatred for going shopping. This includes grocery shopping. The kids are always hungry and tired and loud anytime I try to go and they still ride in the cart. So, If the store is out of those two-kid car carts, I'm out of luck because then they take up my whole shopping basket. We usually have to go grocery shopping when my husband is off work because of that.

Something I hate more than grocery shopping is meal planning. I get so overwhelmed trying to decide what to cook, when, and stay within budget. This company has made that so much easier for me. Now I know a week ahead of time what is going to be delivered and I can plan my meals around that. It takes out the guessing work and lets me get creative with my recipes. We still have to stop by the store for things like milk and peanut butter but its so much quicker and less stressful because we have the necessities delivered!

I also love that it helps my whole family eat healthier and supports local farms. They also pair recipes from a chef with your shipment in case you aren't too creative with cooking. Tonight I'm making baked potato soup in the crockpot! Thanks Local Fare!


  1. SO jealous!! We have a little produce place right near my house with local stuff, but they sure don't deliver!

  2. You have ordered good and healthy food. Your site post are always help me out in my healthy food eating. Keep uploading such healthy food ideas with us.