Friday, June 10, 2016

Thred Up - My newest Obsession - A Review

Thred Up is a second-hand resale company. You send in your clothes and accessories for free and they buy it for you. You also have the option to order clothes and accessories at discount prices on their app.

I love this app because you can search by brand, size, and even choose to receive items that are only new with tags. I've found it amazing to buy clothes for my 3 and 2 year old boys. For myself, I've really liked everything I have ordered as well.

I don't recommend Thred Up to sell your clothes. I sent in a bag of barely used children's clothes, they kept 16 items and paid me $11. So I didn't even make $1 per item, I would rather give away my kids clothes to someone in need. After doing that I decided not to send in my clothes, I am going to bring them to a local consignment shop.

I do however love it to purchase clothes. I've gotten J. Crew, banana republic, and other brands I love for 80% off retail. These are a few items from my latest order for my kids.
I spent $20 on all this. Its gymboree, baby gap, crew cuts, and carters. Most items new with tags. My favorite item I got so far is this Crew Cuts cashmere sweater for $10! I know I'm crazy for buying my two year old a cashmere sweater, in the summer, in florida, but I just couldn't resist.

If you are thinking of ordering from Thred Up, click here and get a free $10 for your first order.


  1. I sent in a bag to Thread Up to sell and I didn't get very much $ either. I've had the same experience with Poshmark too-I do much better at finding things to buy than sell!

  2. Definitely the company is playing its part in making the best use of the second hand clothes. I really have large number of clothes that I want to sale to THREDUP.