Monday, June 6, 2016

Week One - Project 52

I remembered to do week one of project 52! I know, I'm on a roll. If you want to read my post about what Project 52 is, head over here.

This week has been a busy one for us. My sister-in-law got married at The Grand Bohemian in Orlando on Monday, So we spent a few days down there and got home Tuesday afternoon. I've spent the rest of the week playing catch up on laundry and housework. Trying to get the kids back into a good routine before this weekend comes.

I've officially decided I don't want to plan anything for the rest of the summer. I want every weekend open to take the kids to the beach and do spontaneous trips for Rita's Italian Ice before Jude starts school in August. I'm trying not think about that too much though, I'm going to be the crazy mom sobbing in the carpool lane that day.

Thursday evening, I looked out the back window to find the boys covered in dirt. They were chefs cooking the most delectable chocolate milk you have ever tasted. People would flock from all over the world to taste this chocolate milk. It was that good. But what I saw was two little mud covered boys spooning mud into their water glasses, and the floor, and their hair, and the side of my house. I just finished mopping the wood floors, so I decided to turn on the sprinklers. Because a lot of water is better than a little mud for clean up. So, I grabbed my camera in an attempt to capture their childhood.
Clark Week One - 2years2months

This Week Clark has been talking a lot more. It is still mostly gibberish, but I can finally understand a majority of what he saying. He has been obsessed with swimming ever since we finished swim class. He asks for the pool everyday.
Jude Week One - 3years11months

I truly can't believe my baby will be four in just two short weeks. He just walked up to me with a piece of paper covered in scribbles and told me that it says "Mommy, I love cuddling with you. This apple here says I love you. If you turn it over, It is your map. The map says this is Apple Island and the cars drive really fast. We need to get the cars off of Apple Island and take them to Afrmerica." I had a hard time taking a portrait of him this week. He was so excited to run in the sprinklers, he just couldn't stand still.

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  1. Awwwww, your kids are super adorable. Reading your stuff makes me feel like you are a really good lady and a special mom.